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Three Reasons Why Every Handyman Needs Insurance

image representing Three Reasons Why Every Handyman Needs Insurance

Three Reasons Why Every Handyman Needs Insurance

Nobody really likes thinking about insurance–it’s time consuming, confusing, and sometimes it feels like it’s better to ignore completely. It’s one of those things that doesn’t seem to matter at first, but in reality, taking on a job without it could put you at serious risk. 


The gig economy is growing, which means more and more people are stepping outside of the traditional employment structure and heading out on their own. While there are a ton of benefits to this model (being your own boss can be pretty great), it’s also important to understand how to protect yourself while you’re on the job.

Here are three reasons why you might want to consider a short-duration insurance policy for your next job:

1. Protect yourself

Insurance can protect you if something happens during the job, like if someone trips over a piece of your gear and injures himself, or property damage accidentally occurs on-site. While we hope these things don’t happen, you want to be covered just in case. Keep in mind, You Don't Have to be a Millionaire to Get Sued Like One.

2. Fulfill requirements

Projects and jobs usually require proof of insurance, meaning a client or marketplace will want to ensure all parties are protected before kicking off the project. Typically, the requirement is for some form of general liability coverage. Getting insurance will qualify you to take on more potential jobs, with a better sense of security.

3. Peace of mind

You want to spend your energy on what matters most–your work. Being insured for a job can bring peace of mind knowing that if an accident were to occur, you’d be protected. So you can concentrate on what you do best.

With tools like Coterie, getting an insurance quote is easy and fast. If you’re already on HOMEE, for example, you can purchase a short-duration policy right from the app, which offers immediate-access and flexible term business policies.

Need insurance for your next gig? You can get a quote in minutes here.

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