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CAT Claims are not daily claims, full stop.

Weather the storm

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What if you had the ability to:


Mobilize your workforce resources with ease


Keep a watchful eye on upcoming CAT Events


Maintain a universal level of quality and workmanship


Have a command center that provides ultimate visibility


Partner with multiple MRPs, TPAs, and leading InsurTech players


Use data and analytics as a foundation for predictive analytics


Reduce LAE, Cycle Times and Friction in CAT Claims


All of that becomes possible with MyCAT Marketplace.

The first ever fully connected ecosystem that enables you to better prepare and manage catastrophic events.


Powered by HOMEE


The proof is in the platform.

  • Visualize & manage your entire plan
  • Layer weather PIF, Resources, and Claims data to gain a unique perspective
  • Customizable data flows through real-time
  • Detailed user profiles build a marketplace of options that fit your specific needs
  • Possibilities to expand beyond your normal network to meet capacity goals
  • Users can proactively engage through the marketplace to secure capacity
  • Within minutes, proactively communicate your catastrophe needs to the marketplace
  • Real time capacity commitment and claims assigned data
  • CAT specific KPI's – Setting customer expectations
  • Claim creation and assigning tool – provide choice to connect or disconnect from platforms
  • Easy to update – mobile capabilities, automated milestone flows
  • Claim specific data flows through
  • Review your entire network – active, inactive, and terminated
  • Real time capacity management data
  • Link to detailed company profile information and performance metrics
  • Customize each CAT event and design the best approach on an event-by-event basis
  • Critical vendor management tools
  • Empower your customers - reducing operational inefficiency

The secret sauce is data.

What role does data play at the point of weather and climate source? How can it mitigate future damages?

  • Data creates visibility
  • Data creates clarity
  • Data creates opportunity

Today's process is broken.

MyCAT is the first and only holistic solution for connecting Pros, Carriers, Adjusters, and TPAs to CAT events in real-time.

Monitoring Climate & Risk
Contractor Recruiting
Network & Skill Development
Predictive Analytics
Cat Event Strikes
Carrier Response
Mobilize resources and workforce
Payment Issued
Repair Completion
Feedback Issued
Today's Carriers
Feedback added to ecosystem

Don’t be a victim to the unpredictable.

Mobilize your talent and resources at lightning speeds. Our team has pioneered a fully connected ecosystem that enables you to better prepare and manage catastrophic events.

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