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What's new at HOMEE

Stay up-to-date on the latest updates, from small fixes to new features.

HOMEE Pro 6.0.0

October 21, 2020

What's New

  • Estimates are here 🎉 You can now create estimates, send for approval, AND do the job all in-app.
  • Need help? We added a Help & Support page!
  • View scheduled jobs in advance so you can be online to accept.


  • It's clearer if a job request is from a HOMEE partner and the requirements.


  • UI update for extension requests.
  • We reformatted job statuses.


HOMEE Pro 5.6.0

August 31, 2020

What's New

  • Scheduled jobs are here, giving you control over your day! Jobs are released to the network 2 hours before the arrival window.
  • Yo HOMEE 📣 Control how you receive promotion + product updates under Preferences.


  • We reordered the registration flow to collect certain information sooner. We also made content changes.


  • Some direction icons were a little lost, we fixed that.
  • You can now upload a PDF when adding insurance.


HOMEE Pro 5.5.0

July 27, 2020


  • We tidied up the padding, buttons, and UX copy to be aligned with our design system. We even added new illustrations!


  • Suspending a job was taking a long time and throwing errors to users. This should now work as expected, with more speed.
  • When viewing job details from the map view, users were taken to the Job History screen vs. the specific job. You'll now see the right information in the right place.
  • Some job requests would come in without photo attachments. They now do.


HOMEE Pro 5.4.1

July 6, 2020


  • A pesky bug was making the app crash when Pros wanted to view a request or specific job details. We squashed it, and now everything is working as intended.

  • In an effort to improve your content experience, we tidied up some copy within the app to make things easier to read and understand.


HOMEE Pro 5.4.0

June 23, 2020

What's New

  • Are you a certified Generac Pro? Lucky you! You can now add a badge to your profile that gives you priority on Generac job requests. 

  • Now, after you start a job, you'll no longer see the Open Rapid Pass option. 


  • Bug fixes and performance improvements