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What's new at HOMEE

Stay up-to-date on the latest updates, from small fixes to new features.

August Roundup

August 31, 2020


What's New

Comments are now available for all Workshop users! This new functionality promotes transparency and collaboration on job communications among the HOMEE team and partners. The Comments tab will be the go-to place for important job notes, updates, and conversations. Navigate to a job from the Workbench jobs table, search results, or a direct URL. Then, click on the Comments tab to join the conversation.



  • We released another update to our global navigation, including the ability to hide the menu. Collapsing the navigation gives you more room to work in Workshop.
  • We moved the show/hide map functionality to the top right of the homepage. This improves visibility and gives you more control over your workspace.
  • The + Work Order button was also moved to the top right to improve desktop and mobile usability.


  • We released a quick fix to allow users to open jobs in a new tab. To open a job in a new tab, hold down ctrl (Windows) or cmd (Mac) on your keyboard and click on the job with your mouse. In future Workbench table enhancements, jobs will automatically open in a new tab, ensuring you never lose your place on the jobs table.


July Roundup

July 31, 2020


What's New

  • Comments are now available for all internal Homee users! Comments are perfect for leaving notes, updates, and critical details on a job throughout its lifecycle. Comments will be available for all Workshop users in August 2020.

  • Lite user permissions are here! Our internal Homee users can now grant specific Partner and Consumer users the ability to create work orders in Workshop.

  • Internal Homee users can now easily invite individual consumers to join HOMEE using the Add Consumer button.


  • We added a photo carousel to make flipping through multiple photos on desktop and mobile even easier.
  • You can now delete draft work orders directly from Workbench using the more actions menu on each job. No need to open up the draft itself!
  • Market Name is now visible on the Job Details page for all Internal Homee users, making billing and finalizing a job much simpler.
  • We started making incremental updates to our global navigation, including moving sub-navigation items into a single, accordion-style menu.


  • There was a glitch creating duplicate draft work orders, but we’ve fixed that! Please resume using the draft work order functionality.


June Roundup

June 30, 2020


What's New

  • We upgraded the look of the Job & Request details pages to be full-page – goodbye, old modal 👋 Now, you’ll see more detailed sub-status content, a visual upgrade to NTE limits, and easier-to-read content.

  • Pros' zip codes are now visible on the Map view and the People pages.


  • We updated the UI colors on the Job & Request details, Work Order, and People pages to be more accessible.
  • Job sub-status descriptions will now consider the user's time zone.
  • Sometimes, Pros aren't immediately assigned to requests. We added an Unassigned label to the contact section of the Requests page to highlight this scenario.
  • To distinguish work orders from other job types, we added a property name to keep things organized.
  • In the pricing section of the Job details page, you'll notice that materials are now broken down by price per unit.
  • The timer on the job details page got a much-needed tune-up. 


  • The attachments thumbnail for PDFs and other media was showing up blank – which isn't ideal. That's all fixed.

  • We added a "Pro is On Site" action button to the Job details page if you want to jumpstart the job when a Pro arrives.

  • Hate typing notes in a never-ending line that takes forever to go back and edit? Us too. We made the notes input field larger, with text wrapping, so you can quickly write and edit job details.