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Welcome to HOMEE’s Insurance Marketplace

All jobs taken through the HOMEE network must be covered by a commercial general liability insurance policy.

Click here to read HOMEE's service terms and minimum policy requirements.

Already have insurance?

Nailed it. Just make a quick call to your insurance agent and request a Certificate of Insurance (COI).

You will need to ask your insurance agent to send you a Certificate of Insurance (COI) with the following:

Add HOMEE, Inc. as an additional insured on your policy.

Within the “Description of Operations Box” on the COI state:

“HOMEE, Inc. and affiliates under written contract are named as additional insureds.”

Click Here for Example COI

List HOMEE, Inc. as the Certificate Holder on the COI as follows:

1413 S. Howard Ave., STE 220
Tampa, FL 33606

Once you’ve added HOMEE to your policy, upload your COI to your account in the HOMEE Pro app. Once uploaded, a third-party partner will validate your policy. You will receive an email from them confirming validation or rejection of the policy. Common reasons for policy rejection include: blurry image of the COI, HOMEE not identified as an additional insured, or coverage not meeting minimum requirements.

Questions about submitting documents or your approval status? Call 1-855-YO-HOMEE or email support@homee.com.

Don’t have insurance?

No worries. We’ve got your back. With HOMEE, you can either:

Opt-in to short-duration insurance when taking a job.

The short-duration policy will provide coverage throughout the duration of a single job. This short-duration insurance is provided by Coterie. For details on Coterie’s insurance click here.

Short-duration insurance not available in FL, MA, NJ and Washington, D.C.

Purchase an annual commercial general liability policy.

Click on the logos of our partner insurance providers (below) for more information and quotes.

Interested in purchasing an annual policy?

Visit one of our partners for a quote: