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4 Steps to Calculating Your Reconstruction Capacity in Pro Portal

by Michael Schiltz - Jan 19, 2024 5:18:37 PM



At HOMEE, we believe in equipping our Pros with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in the property claims industry. One crucial aspect of this is understanding and optimizing your Capacity in Pro Portal. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the process of calculating your Capacity, which is essential for efficient workflow management.


Calculating Your Capacity: A Step-by-Step Guide


Your Capacity in Pro Portal represents the number of assignments you can handle effectively per week. This guide shows you how to calculate that capacity for Build-Back or Reconstruction Capacity. Accurate Capacity planning ensures you don't overextend yourself, leading to smoother operations and happier policyholders. Let's dive into the steps to calculate your Capacity:


Step 1: Conversion Ratio


Start by evaluating your Conversion Ratio, which is the percentage of estimate assignments you successfully convert into actual repair assignments. Simply put, it’s the number of jobs sold divided by the number of jobs assigned for a given period. While Conversion Ratios vary widely from Pro to Pro (the range is about 30%-90%), our network's average hovers around 50%. You can use this as a rule of thumb, but your specific ratio may vary.


Pro Tip:


            Our Pros with the best conversion ratios all exhibit very similar characteristics: looking professional, always being on time, communicating consistently and effectively, being well organized, and demonstrating an expert knowledge of communicating the claims process to a policyholder and keeping them updated on status and next steps.


Step 2: Maximum Open Jobs


Determine the maximum number of open jobs your crew(s) can handle simultaneously. This depends on factors like the number of work crews you have and the average time a crew spends onsite for a repair job. For HOMEE, the average time that a crew spends onsite is estimated at 10 days. While a repair job might take 20, 30 or more days to complete, we understand that some of that time is caught up in administrative work, scheduling subcontractors, managing approvals, and other work that doesn’t involve a crew being onsite. During those times, your crew can be potentially working another assignment. If you have the precise average of days your crews spend onsite, that’s the best way to calculate capacity. If not, start by using the 10-day rule of thumb.


Step 3: Weekly Assignment Volume


Calculate your Weekly Assignment Volume, which is the number of assignments you receive weekly that require inspection and estimation. These are assignments in which you may or may not convert to repair work (hence the Conversion Ratio). This is the current metric labeled as Capacity in Pro Portal. Calculating this number is the end goal of the exercise and crucial to getting the maximum number of assignments from HOMEE while maintaining the highest level of policyholder satisfaction.


Step 4: Calculate Your Capacity


To calculate your Capacity, you'll first need to normalize the time factor. Since crews can typically handle only one assignment onsite at a time, you should convert the average time your crew spends onsite from days to weeks.


If you use the HOMEE average of 10 days, this number would be 1.43 weeks.

10 days / 7 days per week = 1.43 weeks

Now to calculate your Capacity for Pro Portal, you will take the number of crews divided by the average time onsite in weeks and then divided by your conversion ratio.

So, for example, if you have 2 crews that average 10 days onsite and convert 50% of assignments, your capacity would be:

(2 Crews) / (1.43 weeks onsite) / (50% conversion ratio or 0.5) = 2.79

So, with 2 crews, you can handle approximately 3 new assignments per week, and you would set your Pro Portal capacity to 3.

Let’s look at another example. If you have 5 crews and average 14 days onsite with an 60% conversion rate, your capacity would be:

(5 crews) / (2 weeks onsite) / (0.6 conversion ratio) = 4.17

In this scenario, you’d set your capacity to either 4 or 5.



Understanding and accurately calculating your Capacity in Pro Portal is vital for your success as a HOMEE Pro. By considering your conversion ratio, maximum open jobs, and weekly assignment volume, you can optimize your workflow, enhance customer satisfaction, and maintain efficiency. Take the time to evaluate and update your Capacity regularly to ensure you're always prepared for the assignments that come your way. Your success is our priority, and accurate Capacity planning is a crucial step toward achieving it.




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