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HOMEE HVAC Maintenance Services

Beat the Heat (or the Cold) with HVAC Maintenance Services

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) repair is a huge issue for many property managers, homeowners and renters. HVAC maintenance service providers are often extremely busy in the summer and winter, when systems typically fail from overuse. This makes scheduling HVAC repair particularly challenging when you need the services the most. HOMEE has your back.

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To Get Qualified Maintenance for Your HVAC System.

Many HVAC system manufacturers won’t warranty repairs made by unqualified AC repair technicians. HOMEE thoroughly vets every “Homee” in our network—including their trade license status and criminal record—so you know you’re getting HVAC maintenance service from a qualified professional.

Because You Want Your HVAC repaired ASAP!

Whether it’s the middle of summer or the depth of winter, you need the HVAC system to keep your property comfortable. By saving you time on hunting for HVAC maintenance experts, HOMEE helps you get the system fixed faster.

To Save Money on HVAC Maintenance.

When you contract with an HVAC repair specialist directly, odds are that they’ll bill for their services by rounding up to the hour. With HOMEE, HVAC repair services are billed down to the minute—you only pay for the time the Homee spends working. On top of that, we negotiate competitive pricing for parts and labor on every HVAC maintenance job to help keep your costs down (complete with an itemized list of expenses to make it easy for you to track everything).

Because You Need Quality HVAC Repairs.

We back every HVAC maintenance job with our $1,000 quality guarantee and a minimum of $1M insurance coverage. We know we can trust our Homees to do quality work, and we back it up.

What Kind of HVAC Maintenance Services Can I Get?

There are many different HVAC maintenance services that you can order through HOMEE, including:

Leak Identification and Repair

A Homee can check your HVAC system to inspect it for leaks and other issues that reduce its efficiency. They may follow a simple HVAC maintenance checklist that helps quickly identify common issues.

Fixing Drainage Issues

The air handler inside the home may collect excess condensation and release it into a large drip pan. If too much water collects in the drip pan, the HVAC system may shut down. HVAC maintenance experts can check the system to identify drainage issues and causes for excess condensation.

Refrigerant Flushes and Replenishment

The refrigerant in your air conditioning system may need to be replaced to bring the HVAC system back into top working order. HVAC repair specialists can help you flush your old refrigerant and replace it with fresh fluid to boost AC system performance.

HVAC System Replacement

In some cases, the old HVAC system may be failing because it simply wasn’t designed to meet the needs of building it was installed in. HVAC maintenance pros can help you remove and replace these overloaded systems to provide a more stable and reliable air conditioning unit.

How HOMEE Works

  1. Open the app
  2. Upload pictures of the problem
  3. Describe the HVAC maintenance issue (including the unit’s brand name)
  4. Place the HVAC repair request

An HVAC maintenance tech will be on site in as little as 30 minutes after the job has been accepted by a pro. Since HOMEE has vetted and background-checked each HVAC tech, using the app is much faster - and more reliable - than Googling and calling companies on your own.

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