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Property maintenance just got easier.

HOMEE with Resident Request facilitates the entire maintenance process—giving you the control you need and your residents the responsiveness they will love.

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What residents want. What property managers need.
HOMEE with Resident Request has it all.


  • Easy way to submit service requests
  • Timely response and resolution
  • Visibility into status and progress
  • Flexibility to fit into their schedules

Property Managers

  • Oversight of all service requests
  • Easy-to-use work order management software
  • Visibility into performance of in-house maintenance techs
  • Solutions for emergency maintenance issues

Get it all with HOMEE.

Happier Residents

  • Easy, app-based solution
  • Complete visibility on service request status
  • Convenient work order scheduling

More Control

  • Streamlined work order management
  • Real-time insights
  • HOMEE’s network of background-checked providers (where available)

How it Works

Resident Places Request

Resident Places Request

Residents place service requests through the HOMEE app at their convenience without the need for scheduling. After entering photos and notes, residents request the service type needed and request property manager approval.

Manager Approves Request

Manager Approves Request

Property manager reviews and authorizes the work order or changes service type needed, then assigns the job to in-house maintenance techs, a preferred network, or the open HOMEE network.

Work is Routed

Work is Routed

Once approved by the property manager, residents place the request for a pro at their convenience. If using in-house staff or a preferred network, the job is queued for the next available tech. If using the open HOMEE network, the right pro is immediately dispatched to the job and the property manager maintains oversight with real-time GPS tracking.

Work is Completed

Work is Completed

When the pro arrives, they will start the project timer and begin work. If using the open HOMEE network, work is charged at a by-minute rate set by HOMEE. If a HOMEE pro needs to leave to pick up materials, the job pauses and will start again when they return. When the job is complete, all labor and material charges are added to the invoice, along with before and after photos and notes.

See it in Action

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