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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at a HOMEE Property Maintenance Job

image representing A Behind-the-Scenes Look at a HOMEE Property Maintenance Job

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at a HOMEE Property Maintenance Job

Many of the property managers, maintenance techs, and homeowners who reach out to HOMEE have one question: “How does Homee On Demand work?” While the technical answer to this question involves a lot of work from the HOMEE development team, it doesn’t give a clear picture of what people can expect from a Homee On Demand property maintenance job.

To help illustrate how HOMEE’s end-to-end property maintenance solution helps property management pros, maintenance technicians, and renters alike, here is a behind-the-scenes look at a Homee On Demand maintenance job (names have been changed or omitted for privacy reasons):

Submission of the Rental Property Maintenance Request

Jane was preparing for a New Year’s Eve party — setting up decorations, coordinating catering, and making sure everything was in order ahead of time on Friday, Dec. 28. However, while setting up for the party, she realized the chandelier was hanging too high to decorate for the party (and for year-round replacement of lights). Wanting to fix this issue before the party’s start, she turned to the Homee On Demand property maintenance solution to place a maintenance job request.

During the request submission, Jane uploaded a description of the issue and what she wanted done, along with a photo of the chandelier she wanted to adjust. Once complete, the request was released to HOMEE’s network of professional maintenance pros for one of them to accept.

Individual pros near Jane received an alert telling them of the chandelier adjustment job, and each pro was able to choose whether to accept or reject the request. Some of the pros who were too far away declined the request, while others who didn’t have the requisite electrical engineering experience to properly extend the electrical cabling for the chandelier also turned the job down. Each tech that opted out of the job submitted their reasons for doing so, helping HOMEE optimize future requests.

Once one maintenance tech (or “Homee”) accepted the job, it was logged as theirs in the HOMEE network and pulled from the list of available jobs. Then, the Homee started driving toward the job site.

Initial Rental Property Maintenance Assessment

In under an hour, the Homee arrived at the customer’s home and ran a detailed inspection of the chandelier in question and the wiring around it. During this inspection, he took a few photos of the chandelier and the wiring that could be shared later with the homeowner.

The Homee discovered that the wiring for the chandelier’s lights had been cut to be the precise length—with no room to extend the chandelier. If the customer wanted to lower the chandelier, the Homee would have to splice in a few extra feet of wiring. Additionally, an extender would have to be added to the chandelier’s mount—preferably one that matched the style of the chain it was currently hanging from.

Acquiring the Right Materials for the Maintenance Job

After discovering exactly what materials would be needed to complete the work, the Homee went on a quick trip to The Home Depot to get the right parts and wiring.

The trip itself went quickly—the Homee was able to find the exact parts and wiring needed to extend the chandelier in just a few minutes at the store. The most notable part of the process was the checkout.

During the checkout process, the Homee used a special “Rapid Pass” system that automatically registered all of the materials in the transaction to the property maintenance job.

There was perfect transparency created for the whole transaction. The customer could review the itemized bill to see how much the Homee was charged and what they bought.

Once the trip was done, the Homee traveled back to the job site.

Completing the Extension and Closing Out the Property Maintenance Job

Materials in hand, the Homee was able to return to the customer and finish adding the extension to the chandelier. During the work, he took pictures of the chandelier and wiring to demonstrate how the job progressed. Just prior to completing the extension, the Homee asked Jane if she was happy with the new chandelier height.

After confirming the chandelier was properly installed and that the customer was satisfied with the work, the Homee took a few more photos of the finished project, wrote up his report, and closed the job. Then, he cleaned up the work area so as to make it look like he had never been there—aside from the lower-hanging chandelier, that is.

The total time the Homee spent on the job site was three hours and a minute. The job was finished the same day that Jane put in the request—which was the last Friday before New Year’s.

Once the job was closed out, Jane got a copy of the report from the Homee On Demand solution, which included an itemized list of expenses for the time the Homee spent onsite and the materials he purchased for the repair work. Jane then got a chance to leave her own review of the work and accept the itemized bill.

What Would Have Happened if There Was a Dispute?

While on this rental property maintenance job there was no dispute over the quality of work, the material expenses, or the labor, but what would have happened if there had been a dispute? After all, property management pros have to consider the worst-case scenario and make sure they’re covered for it.

We are dedicated to supporting both property managers and maintenance pros. So, when there is a dispute over labor, job quality, or cost of materials, HOMEE will work with both the customer and the maintenance tech to make things right. HOMEE is prepared to back up the quality of any Homee On Demand property maintenance job with a $1,000 quality guarantee (and a $2 million insurance policy).

Curious about how Homee On Demand can help you with your property management and maintenance in a fraction of the time that traditional maintenance technician searches take? Contact us today to learn more about HOMEE!
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