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Do You Know When to Hire a Handyman Service

image representing Do You Know When to Hire a Handyman Service

Do You Know When to Hire a Handyman Service

Handymen can do a lot of things for you—so many that it’s often hard to keep track of all the different jobs that they can take care of. This can lead to overlap with other specialized contracting services. The question is: “How do you know when to hire a handyman versus a specialized contractor?”

When you’re trying to find local handyman services, it’s important to know that they’re up to the job and are your best option.

Deciding When to Hire a Handyman Service

Here are a few pointers to help you know when to hire a handyman, and when to go with a more specialized home maintenance professional (such as an electrician or plumber).

Does The Job Require a Specialized License?

Handyman services provide generalized home services. However, some jobs around the house require a specialized license—or else you might be on the hook for fines or other penalties down the road. For example, most states require someone working on your home’s electrical system to have an electrician’s license of some kind. Failure to use a licensed electrician could invalidate your homeowner’s insurance if an electrical fire breaks out later or prevent you from closing a house sale.

So, when looking to hire a handyman service, check to see if the job requires a specialized license—something your municipal authority should be able to tell you. If it does, check to see if the handyman has the necessary license to do the work. Many handyman services will have qualifications for specific types of work.

Does the Job Require Specialized Tools?

When you’re trying to find local handyman services for a particular job, consider what kinds of tools that job requires. Handyman services have to tackle all kinds of work around a home, from moving furniture to knocking out walls, so they have to keep all kinds of tools on hand. However, there may be certain specialist tools that these general service providers don’t have.

Odds are that if the job requires particularly large or esoteric tools, then handyman services near you won’t have those tools on hand. This can mean having to wait for the handyman to acquire the right tools or hiring a specialized service provider.

How Big Is The Job?

Before typing “Handyman near me” into your computer, consider how large the job in question is. If you’re looking to complete one very big project that will require a lot of people and resources to pull off, you probably need a specialized contractor. On the other hand, if you need a lot of small jobs done, a handyman service provider might be the better bet.

There are many types of handyman services. A handyman can often take care of many small unrelated tasks in a single visit. Rather than having to contract five different specialists, a handyman service can take care of five small jobs right away. This can even help to save money, as many contractors charge by the hour, rounded up (handyman services also tend to be less expensive than specialist services in general).

So, if you need a lot of small jobs done quickly, it may be better to find local handyman services to take care of them.

How to Find and Hire a Good Handyman

Once you’ve made the decision to hire a handyman, it’s important to find one that is reliable. If you’re wondering how to find a good handyman, a handyman services app is a good place to start.

With HOMEE On Demand, you can enter your handyman service request with a couple of pictures and get a handyman to your door in as little as half an hour. HOMEE screens all of our “Homees” (the service providers in our network), performing a background check, verifying licenses, and inspecting their criminal records. This way, you can rest easy knowing the Homee who shows up is a reliable and trustworthy individual.

HOMEE On Demand even allows you to pre-screen which Homees see your requests by setting a desired level of experience for the job—just be aware that more experienced Homees will have a higher rate than less experienced ones.

Get started by trying out a demo of the HOMEE On Demand handyman services app (though it does so much more than just handyman services).

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